Orgill Park Golf Course offers over 6,436 yards of tree-lined fairways. A fun and challenging course to play for all levels of golfers, Our course is an affordable family or group destination in Shelby County.

Course Policies

  1. Riding carts must observe posted rules for the day.
  2. Tee times highly recommended on the weekends.
  3. Pace of play is monitored:  2 hours per nine hole maximum.
  4. Each player must have a set of clubs.
  5. Limit 2 players per cart.
  6. Carts on path only at all part 3s.
  7. No carts allowed in the parking lot.
  8. Golf Shirt and spikeless shoes are required.
  9. Replace divots and repair ball marks.
  10. No practice between play of holes.

Hole #5

Eastern edge of cart path on #4 as hole #5 ends behind tee #4.  Rule 33-2A/12.

Embedded Ball

Anywhere through the green.  Rule 25-2

Protective Fences

Line of sight relief.  Use drop areas.  Rule 33-8/18

Water Hazards

Use extra option ball drop areas.  Rule 33-8/34

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